Horo school

Who are we? - From 2011 to Academic Folk Ensemble has a Bulgarian Horo dance school.


If you want to dance, but the Ensemble's repertoire seem difficult, welcome "To the Boss!"


If you want to learn the most popular dances and to have fun after work - welcome "To the Boss!"


If you want to relax emotionally and to keep in shape and tone, but training in the gym is boring and monotonous welcome "To the Boss!"


What makes us different and preferred over other groups of folk? - Classes in School of Folk "To the boss" is held under the auspices of one of the most prominent Bulgarian choreographers - Ivan Todorov, and the accompaniment of live music - accordion.


Why choose us? - The fun is guaranteed with us - unless that dance, we sing favorite songs horo!


How to find us? - The building of the frat house where we dance is in the city center, with good public transport links and close to the metro station. (see Contact page for map)


What else? - The training halls are equipped with mirrors and heated during the winter months.



Folk dance group "To the Boss" is looking for new candidates for the course on authentic dances. Classes are held in the Student Youth House, 10 National Assembly square, 18 to 19h as follows:

Monday - 3rd floor, room № 310


If you want to join the group dances, call us in advance by phone 0898779507 or come out at the indicated days.

We expect you to dance and have fun together!